Wondering how to set the price of your chatbot service? You‘re not alone, so let’s talk about it!

The chatbot Plus team has also worked as an agency in the past, we have given our community some examples that we have used in the following article “defining your offer“.

We surveyed bot builders around the world and here’s the result!

Today, we wanted to better answer the question because it is a very important one! That’s why we surveyed several communities on Facebook, here’s the information we got from bots builders all over the world 🌎

First of all, the pricing strategy (one-time fees, monthly fees?)

The answer was clear, bots builders prefer to be paid for both (obviously 😜).
Once for the initial setup and recurring fees for bot maintenance.

As Jason Reuter of Chatbot Concierge said: “I would never do anything without generating recurring revenue”.

You can also “lock out” your customers with, for example, a 6-months contract. As Sahil Jitesh from Mr Great Ltd said: “6 months is good enough to show result and gain trust. After that one can always upsell and have yearly contract”.

Smart and logical approach, as a bot builder, we could imagine your work divided into two main parts: before and after the bot launch.

– In most cases before the launch you will: understand the customer needs, configuring/building bots, collect more information from clients, give them a previews, etc.

– After the launch of the bots, you will improve and adapt most of the time to ensure proper operation and for some builders also offer other marketing services such as ad management, broadcasting, leads generation, etc.

Keep in mind, as the CEO of Chatbot Concierge  said “There’s no perfect process, just as long as we are getting great bots built!”.

In the end, even if it depends on the situation, the best solution seems to be an upfront fee + recurrence fee under contract 💪

Now, the real question here! How to price your bot service?

While for most bots builders, this is a difficult part, you should not worry too much about the exact price of your bots.

The easiest way for a company is to copy what others do in the first place… That’s why we ask bots builders all over the world how much they get paid for their bots service!

“How much are you paid on average per customer for your bot service per month?” (survey from multiple messenger chatbot communities) 

Most of messenger bots builders replied “Around $100 per month per customer”.
Note that in second place builders responded “Around $1K”.

So we can say that the price really depends on the project (small, local or bigger business) and how it is sold. It can vary greatly, as we can see with the significant gap “from $100 to $5k per month”.

We were curious to know how the price could change that much, so we talked to several people in the community and we understood the following things: “Bot agencies” asked for higher prices because they also managed marketing activities such as advertising, broadcasting, leads generations and/or using more intelligent bots (NLP) that needed development over time.

But over all, you can ask more if you focus more on the return of investment you bring to your customers! Fancy complicated bots with tons of integrations doesn’t work better…  So we advice you to not sell features, technology or complexity but direct gains: “this is what you will gain with your chatbot”.

Another interesting case is the implementation of the bot for free and starting to charge only from the revenue generated by the bot, used mainly by marketers who already sell marketing services and use the bot to offer a wider range of services.

It is therefore difficult to define the exact price… it depends on many criteria: how you market it, your service around the bot, the bot itself and even your location since we know that in the USA the price was generally higher.

Finally we must keep in mind one thing: as entrepreneurs, we must always focus on the value proposition first, the more you bring to the table the happier your clients are going to be, what a beautiful world isn’t it? 💪

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1. Setup = one-time costs
2. Maintenance + improvements = monthly fee
3. Focus on the value proposition
4. Have fun

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