How to be approved
for subscription messaging ✅

A quick reminder: if you want to continue sending broadcast outside the 24-hour windows for non-promotional purposes, you will need to submit your page.

“As of April 30, 2019, a page must be approved with the subscription message at the page level”. 

In my experience, first 2/3 times most pages are rejected… I’m writing this little guide to increase your chances of being approved by Facebook.

1. How to request?
First of all, since it is at the page level, you must submit from your page settings -> Messenger Platform -> Advanced Messaging Features.

Then click on “Request” next to “Subscription messaging”.

2. How to complete the form?

  • 2.1 your use of the subscription features must be registered and remain in one of the following categories: News, productivity, personal tracking.

– News: Inform people about recent or important events or information in categories such as sports, finance, business, real estate, weather, traffic, politics, government, non-profit organizations, religion, celebrities and entertainment, but not limited to.

– Productivity: Helps people manage their personal productivity with tasks that include, but are not limited to, managing calendar events, receiving reminders and paying bills.

– Personal tracking: Allows people to receive and monitor data about themselves in categories that include, but are not limited to, fitness, health, wellness and finances.

Let me give you the example of chatbot Plus:

We asked for “News” and we provide the following details:
“As a chatbot platform, we will inform our users of the new requested features as soon as they become available.”

Provide useful information only, in this case, the less is the more! Do not give them any reason to reject your request.

What if you don’t fall into the previous category?
If you are 100% sure that you intend to send non-promotional, choose the nearest category.
Otherwise, take a look at the promotional rules.

  • 2.2 How to give examples of the messages your page will send:

The form will also ask you to provide one or more examples. Remember to stick to the category you have chosen. Here is the example of chatbot Plus:
“Hello chatbot Plus users, we’ve built the features you’ve been waiting for, if you need more information on how to use it, click on “Learn more”, see you inside!”.

We wrote only one example because it was enough in our case, remember, the less the more 😜.

3. Increase your chances of success

  • An incredible tip is to use the structure and words Facebook use in their examples.

Let me show you:

“News: Inform people about recent or important events or information in categories…”  Become -> “Once a week, we would like to inform people about recent updates on the chatbot Plus platform”.

  • Write only useful information, do not give too many examples (as I have written, do not give them a reason to reject your request)

4. Timing + how to know if the page has been approved

  • The request should not be long in most cases, it takes a few days (1 to 3 working days).
  • To check your approval, you will see a green check mark in your page settings next to the “Subscription Messaging” request.

5. Congratulation but be careful!
Congratulations, you’ve been approved!

Stick to the requested use case and follow Facebook’s policy…. Otherwise your page have a chance to get banned by Facebook (even largest pages).

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