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What will be the content creator program?

chatbot Plus enables content creators to earn money from our app. Creators will receive a % of all in-app purchases of users who entered their code.

Users declare their support for a creator in-app by entering the creator code via the settings “support a creator”.

Users can choose to support a different creator at any time. Support for a creator lasts one month. After that period, users can reselect the creator or choose a new one.

Why is it different from a referral program?

Simply because users can choose to support you at any time, whenever they are new or not.

The creator program will reward valuable content and will support our purpose to bring the bot builders community together around the world.

Who is eligible to participate?

Creators (active video makers, bloggers, streamers, community builders, templates builders).

We’re looking at all regions, languages, audience sizes and types of content. We’re looking for creators who focus on the quality of the value they make and share.

Who isn’t eligible?

chatbot Plus will reject applications from Creators who engage in toxic, discriminatory, illegal, pornographic, or fraudulent behavior, or who promote gambling, spam, or harassment.

How do I submit?

Contact our Facebook page and type “Submit for Content Creator Program”

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